September 26, 2013

Magnus Images Now Available!

Thanks to the guys over at Bankcroft in Germany, we finally have a picture of the upcoming Elite Mega Magnus blaster! So I'll jump on the bandwagon and post about it, if only for the interesting design.

The blaster boasts a 3 dart internal clip, 85 ft. ranges, and top loading. Without a better picture angle, it's hard to judge the exact mechanism at work, but the nested tubing you can see at the back of the bolt suggests that this is also a reverse plunger like the Centurion - considering the size requirements for Elite Mega darts, it's hardly surprising that Hasbro went with a plunger design that can fit in tight spaces. While Nerf fans may dislike reverse plungers, they are extremely efficient it this type of setup - if the dart sits entirely inside the bolt, as with the Nerf Reflex, there is zero dead space.

Here's hoping that the Magnus does better than the Centurion; too many have had problems wih that blaster breaking or destroying darts.

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