September 19, 2013

Sales Thread Reopened

I've reopened the sales section of the blog - look at the list and/or ask if I have something. It is by no means a comprehensive inventory, just what I've counted so far before I went to bed last night.

All the rules for doing deals are listed there.

As a personal disclaimer, I haven't been active selling blasters for a while - it was only a couple years ago that we found the right treatment for my depression issues, and before that point I had already dropped off the face of the Earth in the middle of some Nerfhaven sales threads. While I eventually refunded everybody, it's by no means a mark you just wash off. Perhaps I can get accepted there again, but that takes lots of time and lots of proof that I'm holding up on my end.

If you still feel ok dealing, read the rules (which are stricter on my end than yours) on the Sales/Contract Tab!

People who have already commented on buying things, please post in the other thread, etc.


  1. I'll probably take a Spy Gear Rocket Blaster, the Rough Cut, and a Longshot. Maybe a green AT2k, if you have one.

    1. Email me - brianbh1 (at) windstream (dot) net. I'll still post this over in the Sales thread. Include your address for shipping.

      Also, I have all 4 of those, including a green 2K. $80 plus shipping ok?

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