July 18, 2016

Nerf-Related Deals - Action Cam & K'Nex Darts

I'll be making more interesting posts in the coming weeks, with several wars to attend. In the meantime, there are a few deals of which you might be able to take advantage. First, if you're looking for an inexpensive action cam, Aldi has a Bresser camera and mount set for just $40. It's a basic model, but it can do 1080p30 video and works well enough to serve as a spare to your GoPro or other action cam. It's not a matter of the quality being cheap; it's simply old stock from a good brand getting moved out. Supplies are limited!

Next, there are knockoff K'Nex darts available! Amazon has 60 darts for $12 ($0.20 per dart). If you don't mind the wait, however, you can get them on Aliexpress for $0.08 per dart, thanks to a sale.

Finally, if you want the REAL darts, many stores have them on clearance. Toysrus has them marked down to $6.

Targets have them marked down to $5.

July 11, 2016

War Machine - Soon to Be a Nerfing Reality?

While searching various import sites (Taobao, Alibaba, etc.), I came across a page on the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It's a good site for looking up the various manufacturers, that you can in turn search for among the endless items of interest. So you can imagine my surprise to find a shoulder-mounted dart blaster with a headset controller.

Tat Kei Electronic Industrial Company Limited appears to be just finishing the development of their BATTLE PRO-VS system of toys, which include things like wrist mounted blasters, play swords that can sense hits on an opponent (versus just hitting against their own blade), and lots of light and sound effects. There's at least a three month wait if not more to see any samples from the manufacturer, so general availability is up in the air. But between the shoulder cannon and the wrist blaster, these could be fun. Assuming they shoot more than ten feet away, that is.

July 3, 2016

Boomco News: Mattel Goes for the Girls

In another sign the Boomco isn't going away anytime soon, we have a Farshot clone being marketed toward young fans of the Ever After web series and associated toys. Introducing... the Ever After High Epic Winter Snow Shot Blaster! *enter fanfare*