October 25, 2015

Boomco Colossal Blitz Teardown

I have a review for the Colossal Blitz coming, but I first wanted to tear it apart and show how it works! This is going to be very picture intensive, so hang in there!

October 11, 2015

Boomco Halo Pistols Review

Mattel is on a roll with their Boomco line of blasters. Entering the blaster market with not only your own new brand, but with an entirely new ammo ecosystem is a huge gamble. It appears to be paying off, or at least eating enough of Hasbro's market share to justify a continued existence.

This year, Mattel is not only producing new Boomco blasters; they're signing agreements to use various licenses, including Halo (and just in time for Halo 5's arrival). Among these licensed products are two reshells of the Farshot. While $13 each (or $25 for the two pack) is a somewhat high price, they're reliable blasters with stellar performance. Plus, it's Halo!