September 3, 2013

Feedback Time!

Classes from 8am - 5pm, plus the hour commute each way, tend to intrude on Nerf time. But I'm not forgetting this!

So for now, a question: anything you guys would like to see? Mods, homemades, etc? I figure I can open up a discussion while I suffer through the rest of Tuesday. Today's my one day of lab until 9:30pm.



  1. Mods... Specificaly Air gun modifications. Such as increase ROF and keeping ranges at least 90 feet + in the field. Another thing that may help your viewers would be to review what makes a dart "fail" in an air gun, rather than the spring made ones. Even simple stuff such as why one barrel type (ex brass breech, loose barrel or twist fit) has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the perspective of another person on things we think we already know prove to be the more interesting topic. And a fun thing could be tips and tactics!

  2. This is the only blog bringing me prompt and precise news about the weird products that the other (bigger) boys ignore. Are we seeing a dark age beginning, where the only nerf news we get is from hopeless fanboys who are either on Hasbro's payroll, or in love with Hasbro's farts? Who knows? I do know that you are the antithesis of that, and I genuinely appreciate your work! I also appreciate the fact that you use good English, that is a pleasure to read. Some of the biggest blogs around right now are so poorly written, that I might as well be trying to translate some foreign language.
    Keep up the good work, change nothing!

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