September 14, 2013

Marshmallow Rapidfire Blaster Review - Part 1

Continuing my reviews of the Marshmallow Fun Co.'s product line, we start with a basic teardown of the Marshmallow Rapidfire Blaster.

If anything, there's instant appeal in the shell design. Looks like something out of Mass Effect, doesn't it?
Remove all the screws from the sides and use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the two ends of the "scope". You can trash the clear plastic lenses, as they not only don't work, but they actually make it near-impossible to see through the fake scope.

When you separate the two halves of the shell, you can see the relatively sparse layout. There's a pump housing contained within the firing chamber, a trigger, and a barrel.

This is the trigger. It works differently from other Marshmallow Blasters - instead of a stop check valve, this appears to actually be a variant of pin valves, pushing from the front. I can't know for sure without slicing the tank open - which I may end up doing in the future. At least in front, since the black cap appears to just be dead space between the valve and barrel.

The outer barrel housing sits on a rubber o-ring. It also happens to be extremely close to the same dimensions as SDR 21 3/4" PVC.

The clip/barrel, meanwhile, measures roughly 3/4" OD, 5/8" ID. Here you can see 1/2" CPVC nested inside to show that.

Tomorrow, I"ll shoot video of this blaster firing darts. Stay tuned!


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