July 24, 2015

Buzz Bee Toys Air Max Tyrant Review

After waiting for Walmart to finally move things from their distribution center, I finally got my hands on the Buzz Bee Air Max Tyrant. It's a large blaster, meant for firing Buzz Bee's XL Distance darts, a suction cup tipped counterpart to Nerf's Mega darts. With this blaster, Buzz Bee has done what Nerf couldn't with the Centurion - make a reliable clip-fed Mega dart blaster.

July 11, 2015

Cincinnati Indoor War Footage

This is a bit late, from two weeks ago, but I tried throwing my Panosphere 360 mini camera under my modded Stampede. It worked well, but I need to make a proper mount for it using the tac rails. I also need to further refine my formatting of the fisheye lens video. That said, enjoy!

July 4, 2015

Geospace Air Archer Review

I've come across the Geospace foam rockets at various supermarkets, including Kroger. This display, however, caught my eye, since it involved more than just a push-pull launching tube. So I picked one up for $15. For science!

The Air Archer claims up to 150' ranges - a dubious claim, especially for a novelty toy company. I couldn't get anywhere near those ranges. But if you're in the mood for some fun with an oddball blaster, don't completely discount the Air Archer.

July 2, 2015

Cyber Hunter "Cooler Stryfe" Review and Mod Guide

After a work-induced hiatus, I'm back to post a backlog of reviews and updates! Starting things off will be a post that should've happened a long time ago - my review and basic mod instructions for the Cyber Hunter "Cooler Stryfe" (as dubbed by pSyk). You can find it on various "Buy China" websites like Taobao or AliExpress.

The blaster on top, to be more precise.

June 12, 2015

Ultra Tek Modding - Good And Bad News

Experiments with the Ultra Tek Champion have been rather fruitful! I've been adding and removing things, in different combinations, to see the effects on performance. First, the good news on the effects of modding!

For spring additions, you need some kind of washer to serve as support. This is limited by the 5/8" diameter of the stock spring rest and the 1.125" ID of the sliding plunger tube. The easiest thing to do is slice the ridge off of a 3/4" x 1/2" CPVC bushing and place it over the stock spring rest.

I've found that springs from Recons, Raiders, and similar N-Strike blasters are a perfect candidate for addition - they fit in with a little pre-compression, and they have sufficient clearance from both the plunger tube wall and the stock spring.

For removing the air restrictor, you simply need to punch out these three plastic supports inside the plunger tube.

It should come out pretty easily. If it doesn't, then you're doing it wrong.

Now, here were the chronograph readings for each separate modification.

  • Stock: 77 fps
  • Spring addition: 84 fps
  • AR removal: 79 fps
  • Both AR removal and spring addition: 86 fps
Here's where we hit the bad news. Either mod by itself noticeably improves performance, but there is minimal benefit from doing both. That means the stock barrel/breech is far too short under those circumstances, requiring a sealed breech a la most Longshots. Simple solution, right?

Wrong. The draw on this blaster (and presumably the other Ultra Tek blasters with clips and 72' range claims) is 3", but the minimum required for clearing the magazine and preventing dart jams is 3.25". As such, the plunger tube's forward position will need to increase by 1/4", shell adjustments will be needed, etc. On the bright side, it will leave less dead space!

I'll end this on a positive note. For the hell of it, I temporarily singled the blaster, with 7" of 9/16" brass tubing (with tightening rings) as a barrel. Chrony readings jumped to the 120s, now that a longer barrel was attached! So, at least when I'm done with a new breech, I can expect pretty good things to happen!