May 17, 2015

Nerf Double Down Review and Modification

Among the regular N-Strike offerings currently on the market, the Nerf Double Down is a two-shot pistol styled like a sawed off shotgun. Like the Snapfire (2015), it doesn't advertise ranges. Sadly, the stock blaster is nothing to write home about. After some work, however, you can get a rather powerful blaster.

May 16, 2015

Homemade Chronograph 2.0

My previous effort, which worked very well, had a significant flaw: exposed wires. It was too easy to catch the wires on things, and eventually I ripped the legs off one of the LEDs. Therefore, I decided to add PVC piping on either side to contain all the electrical components.

I exchanged the 1.25 x 1/2 PVC bushings for 1.25 x 3/4 bushings, and used two elbows, two tees, and pipe of that size on either side. A bit excessive, but it ensured that there would be enough space inside for stuffing lengths of wire. You HAVE to thread the wire through all the PVC pipe and fittings first, and have enough extra wire sticking out to allow you to do any soldering necessary.

I used the same types of LEDs and detectors as before, but this time I used 1" x 1/4" nylon flat washers (metal ones work just as well), with LED holders placed inside. Once you place the LEDs inside, they'll stay put.

Here's the view of the LED from the front.

I placed each emitter and detector inside a PVC bushing, and used a small ring of 3/4 PVC to press them against the ridges inside the bushings. Now hook up the electronics as before, and voila!

With so much more of the wires and parts contained, this is actually more mobile, in my opinion, and easier to move. Hook it up to a tablet, and it would probably be useful to take to wars.

May 7, 2015

K'NEX K-FORCE Mini Cross Review, Basic Mods, and Thoughts

On the way home from a Nerf war in Cincinnati, I stopped at ToysRUs shortly before they closed. I was lucky enough to spot nearly all the new K-FORCE sets on shelves (no dart packs, though), and brought three blasters home for examination and review. These blasters have exceeded all of my expectations, and would be great for anyone who enjoys tinkering and customizing. Plus, the darts are the best foam darts on the market, period.

For more info, keep reading past the jump!

April 30, 2015

Toys n Playthings April 2015 - Air Storm and KForce Feature Article

In this past month's edition of the UK magazine Toys n Playthings, there are a few pages dedicated to the Air Storm bows and the new KForce blasters. Instead of summarizing things, I'll just embed the relevant magazine here.

Turn to page 74, read it, and offer your thoughts!

April 24, 2015

Homemade Backpressure Tank Writeup and Thoughts

*I'll also be posting future (and past) writeups to Nerfhaven, as I care a lot more about sharing knowledge than getting pageviews. Due to the need to host photos for Nerfhaven, however, I'll be putting the writeups on my blog as well.

I've made lots of advances toward reliable and safe homemade air blasters in the past. After seeing Ice Nine's work on an exhaust valve homemade, however, I noticed there was still a need for doing things cheaply. After all, the valves being used cost a pretty penny. So, here I am with new construction methods and observations.