September 23, 2013

Meteor Paintball Blasters in stock at ToysRUs

After seeing hints of the line's existence online, I finally found some in stock at a Columbus, OH ToysRUs. Sadly, it seems that these are just another company's variation of the previous Supasplat line.
The box on the right features the Bow Stryker - almost identical to the Supasplat bow.

On the back of the box, the instructions clearly show that the trigger only serves to load the next paintball for firing - otherwise, it's a pull and release blaster. I'm sad to see the lesser paintball markers going this direction - most of us who have used Pistol Splats or similar, trigger-fired blasters can testify to their great performance, especially when used for firing foam darts.

I'm guessing these blasters still operate using a bungee within a thin plunger tube.