April 9, 2013

Join Me in Guncraft!

I've been absorbed into this game lately, so I thought I'd give it a plug. I'm not part of the team making or anything, so I'm not making anything on this post. But it's fun, and considering the shooting + building aspects might interest fellow Nerfers....

April 5, 2013

Announcing the Nerf Concept Compendium!

Starting next week, I'll be slowly compiling an online encyclopedia of Nerf concepts and mechanisms, going from simple to complex. We already have encyclopedias for blaster models, directories for modifications, and the like. What I never see is a collection based on how things work. I run out of fingers before I finish counting how many times I've seen someone ask how Big Salvo or Hornet tanks work, for example.

I'm inviting you to send in suggestions of things you'd like to see added. Feel free to drop a recommendation!  If anything, this will help accelerate the "noob" stage of entry into the world of Nerf, so you don't have to ask the silly questions later :)