September 30, 2011

Help! I'm Dyeing!

The past day or so, I decided to do something different: dye my clear Recon for uniqueness, while keeping the translucent properties. To that end, I filled a plastic dishwashing pan with water and RIT dye, submerged the clear pieces, and heated everything up in the microwave (the heating appliance that was handy). A few hours of a virtual sauna later, I have a crystal purple Recon. Everything else is still stock, but now it's unique!

September 26, 2011

Weekly Update

I figure I might as well shoot some videos to show you guys what I'm doing. Else there's no reason for you subscribers to remain so :P

September 25, 2011


Finished painting and clear coating the PAS. It's getting 90' flat with a hopper of slug darts, and it is, like, totally stylish!
Now we just need rainbows and unicorns for ultimate effeminacy.

Hey, as long as I'm concerned, as long as it's hitting the target, I don't care what color it is.
Also up for sale!

September 24, 2011

The Spartan 5K

Totally had to do Michigan State colors. Because I probably shouldn't do everything in pink.

Undecided on whether to keep it or not, so feel free to offer. Pump is unplugged, and the top barrel holder is drilled out to serve as either a sight or as a holder for an RSCB clip. a 5K.

EDIT: Tenatively sold.

September 23, 2011

Nerf Vortex Updates

First, I finally found some Vortex Mission Kits at Walmart. You can finally get those extra clips!
Only  few bucks more than getting the ammo refill.

Also of note, while cruising the interwebs, I found an easy way to expand your clips to hold ton of discs. Crazy for Nerf used fluorescent light protector tubes (available at any major hardware store) and wire from notebooks to make a 27-round clip, and it's roughly the same size as a Stampede clip. Earlier discussions on the NIC had suggested using PVC and Reactor advancement springs, but this appears to work great.
CrazyforNerf, that is simply genius.

Assuming you have the discs to fill it, this is a great way to get extended clips without buying a Nitron (Praxis is better by far).

Painting and Stuff

After school, I went and did some painting. The two of these were rather lacking in the beauty department, so I gave my own personal touch.
I call it "A Woman Scorned"

I'll be doing the white parts tomorrow for the 5K.

The PAS has the stock + random giant ass spring I found; range testing to commence once I'm finished. It's also had its plunger rod overhauled (it broke after 3 shots, STOCK) with some 5/16" steel rod, push nuts, and copious amounts of JB Weld.

The 5K needs a coupler or clip slapped on it; I have the top barrel holding accessory drilled out for an RSCB clip.

How Difficult Is It to Enter Nerf?

This is more of a philosophical question regarding the current state of the NIC. Putting aside things like Humans v. Zombies and stock wars where the entry level is pretty easy (aka grab a blaster and go), large scale Nerf Wars are a special beast. Most participants are going to be using blasters that get at least 70' flat (a rather conservative estimate) unless it's a special gametype or they just want to mess around. For the person just starting to get interested in modding, there's a large barrier between how far they can shoot and the ever-increasing numbers of homemades on the field. There are relatively few blasters anymore that new people can grab off the shelf and quickly mod to get decent ranges (Big Blasts are discontinued; the UMB is getting pulled off shelves, etc). Offhand, the only readily-available blasters these days that would be remotely competitive for a beginning modder to slap couplers onto are the Big Bad Bow, Triple Shot, Berzerker variants, and....that's it.While it's certainly possible to split up said noobs to even out teams, etc, it's certainly not fun for them, since they're going to be killed off before they can even hit anyone.
NOT the ideal blaster versus a pumpbow.

Aside from people always bringing loaner weapons (which isn't always possible), has the barrier to a fun time become just too darn high? After all, if you're not even remotely competitive, you're not going to have any fun.

Perhaps I'm not expecting enough out of people; while it's easy enough to say, grab a 2K off of Ebay, it still feels strange that in order to be competitive, new players have to search and pay extra for older blasters.

I certainly did fine entering Nerf. My first mod was a spring-added Longshot with a reinforced boltsled, AR removal, and weighted streamlines. Not the most ideal weapon for my first war, but it worked; and by the time the first Vengeance in Ontario came around 5 months later, I had already made a competitive Doomsayer. But not all people are like that and can just pick things up. (Not to mention they keep getting banned off of Nerf forums for never actually reading and following the CoC. Some people never learn...)
Lucky for my guest Dr. Science, I had built more than just a Doomsayer by then.

Enough rambling for this morning; feel free to chime in!


For those wondering, I do contracts for people in spare time. I have experience with many kinds of mods/overhauls, ranging from turret-based blasters (Quadshots and Doomsayers) to air-powered blasters (Big Blasts, Airtechs, etc) to some original homemade blasters (click HERE for more info).

If asking for a mod, email me HERE. PLEASE include the following:

Blaster desired for modding/painting
Blaster availability/rarity: (i.e. Do you have it? If not, I'm buying the blaster, and that will be included in material costs. Offer accordingly)
Specifics on the desired mod (breeches/hoppers, barrel materials, spring additions, etc)
Offer for the mod (if the offer doesn't even cover basic material costs, I will send back a counteroffer).
-Please note the offer does not include shipping


Hey guys!
This is Buffdaddy; many of you know me or my work, whether it be from various Nerf Wars, or the various Nerf forums online. I doubt I need to say more as to the purpose of this blog, other then we're going to talk all things Nerf, show mods, and occasionally sell blasters I need to unload from the collection.

People laugh at pink. They stop laughing once they've been shot from 100+ feet.

Well, let's get started!