September 23, 2013

Vehicles of Mass Destruction - Mobile Nerf Artillery!

While perusing the non-Nerf aisles at TRU, I looked in the R/C section for any interesting toys. After all, the Air Hogs Battle Tracker provided an interesting (albeit expensive) experience. However, these products really caught my eye, given the claims on the box.
To the NSA: this is a VMD, not a WMD!

The first, a mobile dart turret, has 16 shots and claims ranges of up to 30ft. These are angled, obviously. Since there does not appear to be room for a plunger of any kind, I'm assuming the darts are launched with flywheels. The darts also appear to be the same size as any other stock dart.

Even more exciting, however, is what appears to be a Spy Gear Signal Launcher on wheels!

After close inspection (and a bit of wiggling to put my hand inside the packaging), I found that it is indeed an air blaster. The faux pressure gauge on the back is actually the handle for an air pump.

Once I have more disposable income (damn you, old car!), I'd gladly pick one or both of these up. The listed prices are $59.99 each, which isn't too bad for a new R/C gimmicky product, all things considered. Assuming I'm right about the Missile Striker, I'd love to grab one and modify it into a dart shotgun. Being able to trigger a large shower of darts from a safe distance? Priceless!


  1. I'd like to use it like an RC dart blaster for closing quickly, if we had one -Veradux

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