September 18, 2013

Life Sucks...Buy My Shit!

Between cleaning and school, life's been busy. Sadly, life took a bad turn this morning on the way to college.

Yep, the car is totaled. We did have full coverage, so things aren't a total loss, and I'm perfectly fine. However, I will be opening up sales again to unload many of my excess blasters so that I have extra cash for when I have to get a new car.

The collection is vast, so just ask and see if I have what you're looking for. I do know I have tons of Air Tech 2k/3k blasters, lots of Hornets and Longshots, NIB Marshmallow Blasters, N-Strike Clear Series, and other things. Just ask in the comments while I attempt to take inventory this afternoon!


  1. I'm interested in 35 clips, any Elite blasters, a blue Longshot scope, a longshot, A stampede, the stampede bipod, and the stampede shield.

    Please let me know what you might have!

  2. Yellow Barricade stock (the yellow version of the Raider stock)? I would interested if we could come to a reasonable price!

  3. Ok, guys, if you're reading: James, Jack and Noah, I can do all that no problem. D McLellan, I don't have that attachment, sadly.

    1. awesome! Where is a good place to discuss prices/shipping?

    2. I'll make another post once I get the list of things I have updated and typed up. I'll just discuss everything in the comments there, and keep it all public.

  4. Update, guys: I will start going through actual orders tomorrow afternoon, once my midterms are done. Obviously, people who have a set list can be boxed up - people looking for multiple clips will have to email back and forth.

    Otherwise, you can send addresses, etc. to brianbh1 (at) windstream (dot) net

  5. Do you have a big salvo and an rf20 turret? And about 20 feet of petg? My name is nitrfinder_king on n-rev and Coolpants Mcgee on nerfhaven. Just message me on one of those accounts (preferably n-rev)

  6. I'm looking for a Hornet/hornet parts.

  7. Hello!
    I'm looking for a Buzz Bee Panther, but one of the old ones.

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