October 18, 2011


Excuse me for my late night ranting.

I went down to the front desk this morning, as I had an email saying I had packages. Ok, nothing unusual, I get them all the time.

The girl grabs both packages. RETURN TO SENDER.

Despite the fact that I have sent lots of packages to Singapore, to the exact same addresses, the Post Office apparently thinks they don't exist. WHAT THE HELL???????

We'll see about convincing the Post Ofice these are legit addresses. You know, SINCE I HAVE RECEIPTS AND RECORDS FOR THE PREVIOUS PACKAGES. I a;ready had a shipment of Hornet parts disappear into the aether; I'd rather not have to put up with this.

My luck, I'll take it back and it'll be 0.05 ounces above the marked postage. In which case, the local PO's scale needs to be recalibrated.



October 17, 2011

Nerf Thunder from Down Under

Lately I've been lurking and talking on some of the foreign Nerfing sites; and have recently been involved with some of the guys at Australian Nerf, talking mods, arranging things for trading back and forth, etc. Anyways, I figured I'd link to a few mods I've come across on their forums that I though were pretty creative. I'll be posting a nice pic of the mod, followed by the link.

October 14, 2011

The TornadoSNAP is here!

After lots of work, I have adapted SNAP-style thinking to the Tornadobow, with good results.

You can read the writeup at Nerf Revolution or Nerfhaven to see how I did it and join the discussion.

October 13, 2011

Reclaimer for Sale!

Yep, it has to go. Sadly, I'm short on funds until after Hell before Halloween. So this is going on Ebay, if you want it.

Link: Ebay Page

I will be shipping this after I use it at Hell before Halloween (why mod something, to never use it?). Read the text on the selling page for more info. Thanks!

Current Work

Just figured I'd throw up a pic showing the things I'm working on. There's a nearly complete Doomsayer, the TornadoSNAP I'm finishing, and a SM1.5K I plan on adding a reserve tank to (not sure whether to make it reserve as in extra shots, or to expand air flow to the firing tank and have a turreted 4B equivalent).

October 12, 2011

Nerf Scout Winner

Congrats to Taerkitty on being the randomly selected winner of a to-be-painted Nerf Scout. I'll post pics when it's done, haha :P

October 11, 2011

Buffdaddy Presents: The Reclaimer

After lots of work, my first real Longshot project is (mostly) done!
Admit it, you want to make sweet sweet love to this blaster.

As far as modifications are concerned: I have a cut down K26, reinforced spring rest, reinforced catch and catch spring, modified PETG breech, boltsled reinforced with aluminum sheeting, AR removal, and deadspace removal. Also the paintjob. In case that wasn't obvious. Paintjob is iffy in a few areas, but considering this is my first real foray into major painting, I'm very pleased with it.

Also, since this was my first major Longshot, I decided to have fun with it and add LEDs. Just took $5 to get a string and battery pack at Michaels. I didn't get as nice a diffusion of light as I wanted, but for a first time, it'll do.
The switch. Battery back can be accessed once the blaster is opened up.

Several LEDs shining everywhere.

Thanks to Forsaken Angel for questions concerning LEDs, The Inventor Guy for his Aluminum Breech (I used PETG in my variant), and the community in general for the knowledge obtained modding Longshots.

Right now, I'm only getting 70' with slugs. I still need to tighten up the plunger seal and make the breech airtight, so after those steps, performance should be much better.

October 9, 2011

Longshot, Long Time Coming

Yep, Epicness is coming.

Whoa, People are Watching Me!

Why the heck not? I figured I'd post odd things here in there while Nerfing, and we have a 1000 pageviews! Sweet!

As a thank you, I'm going to do up a Scout, with the works (modded, paintjob, etc). Post comments on this thread, and on Wednesday at 11pm, I'll randomly select the winner!

Everyone needs a good sidearm, right?

I haven't decided on a color scheme, but let's be clear: enter at your own risk. You might ed up with a pink or fluorescent blaster. But one that kicks ass ;)

October 2, 2011

Sonic Bazooka Mod

Hey guys!

Just posting the link for my Sonic Bazooka modification; I'm hitting 90'+ on 4 pumps, 105'+ with 5 pumps. Using slug darts,of all things.

Check it out at my Nerfhaven Mod Thread!

October 1, 2011

Air Zone Quickfire Review

Just found and bought at the East Lansing Toys R Us. Right off the bat, the aesthetics are a win.
Behold, the key to being Rambo.

Right off the bat, looking at it, it's a cross between a Vulcan (chain and rotation), Stampede (looks), and Auto Tommy 20 (flywheel). The "clip" holds 6 AA batteries, and there's an On/Off switch on the left side. Turn it on, the flywheels spin up. The trigger then fires the darts in automatic.

With a removable, collapsible stock.

Has an electric switch linked to the presence of a chain, just like the Vulcan.

In its full glory.

Here's a quick firing video; I'm a bit angled here, but I'm getting 40' flat stock. So far, have had no feeding troubles or misfires.

The blaster looks great, feels great, and shoots great. While flywheels defeat any attempt at stealth and limit modding potential, I could see myself using this at a stock Nerf war, or (once the voltage is increased) as a suppression/Defend the Core blaster at a modified war.

Selling Random Things

Hey guys,

Trying to get Paypal funds to go towards doing projects and getting extra gas money for my next warring trip to Canada. I have these posted on Nerf Revolution as well, but I figure posting them here wouldn't hurt.


1) Koosh Vortex Power Strike (the purple one that fires two rings): Near-perfect, comes with some slightly deformed but usable rings.
Start: $25          BIN: $40

2) Nerf Crossbow: works perfectly; a bit used, but otherwise just fine. No arms or stickers.

[color=#40FF00]Current: Britnerf ~$100 as of 8am Friday (yes, I calculated your shipping already for bidding purposes)[/color]

3) Triple Strike, with missiles!

[color=#40FF00]Start: $15 Bobololo[/color]         BIN: $30

4) SM3K

Start: $15          BIN: $25

5) PAS (Spring added, plunger rod replacement/reinforcement. Gets 90' flat with a hopper of slugs and 12" PETG barrel)
A good primary for humiliating your opponents!

BIN: $70

More to be posted later.

I also do contracts; check http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21614 for details.