November 29, 2015

Off-Brand Status Updates: Lanard, Buzz Bee, and MFC

Most of you know that I'm a fan of many other brands outside of Nerf. To that end, I've been keeping track of things like patents, trademarks, and general availability. So, let's go down the list!


This company's products, in terms of blasters, aren't always commonly found on shelves, and are often easier to find online (albeit at sometimes inflated prices). This past Black Friday, however, I decided to check several mall toy shops to see if they had anything interesting in stock. While I didn't see anything NEW per se, I did notice that the packaging design on many blasters has been upgraded.

November 26, 2015

Nxt Generation M1-X Crossbow Review

Nxt Generation LLC is a toy company based out of my home state of Ohio, with its products on the shelves of stores ranging from ToysRUs to Dunham's Sports. However, the M1-X Crossbow is, to my knowledge, something you will only find at Cabela's. It's a shame, because it's a fun and powerful product, despite some design flaws.

November 6, 2015

Boomco Colossal Blitz Review and Modification

After many days of long hours at work, I've finally completed my BoomCo Colossal Blitz and tested it out. And it's amazing! While the blaster is enjoyable in its stock form, it really shines when modded.

In stock form, the BCCB can hit 70' at an angle, but only in single fire. Full auto mode connects the pusher motor to the geared ammo drums, and the power required to turn them saps current away from the main flywheels. If you care to review the inner workings of the blaster, you can see my previous post on the BCCB.