October 2, 2013

VMD Missile Launcher Internals!

So, despite the $60 price tag, I bought one product from the Vehicles of Mass Destruction line, the Missile Launcher. I have yet to officially test it, but I do have internals!
Extremely simple!

As you can see, the turret consists of a large diameter pump, a large air tank, and a valve not unlike a Marshmallow Blaster. However, instead of a trigger to operate the valve, the Missile Launcher uses a small electric motor to push on the catchpiece.
The large diameter pump may be an issue - the surface area involved means you have to push harder on each stroke than you would a smaller diameter pump. It also means you can't just grab the toy and pump it; you have to get a grip on the shell directly underneath the pump. A bit more disassembly remains, but the large tank and familiar valve mechanism are good signs.

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