February 27, 2013

XCESS Revolvers now at ToysRUs!

Spotted on the way home from lecture! Zuru is still stamped on the side of the blaster (blasters, in this case).
Priced at $30 - a tad expensive, so I'll wait for an Air Zone sale. Those tend to be pretty regular.

What else was new? More after the jump.

TRU is also carrying several NxtGeneration bows and such, all at around $30. Way overpriced, but it's there if you have the urge to experiment. Also, models are there for both boys and girls.

A new line of blasters from Jakks Pacific is on shelves, based on some TV show I've never heard of.

Finally, if Nerf melee pieces just aren't your style, perhaps a giant orc hammer would appeal to you :P

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