February 19, 2013

Nerfhaven 2013 Mod Contest

Langley over at Nerfhaven has just announced a 2013 Modding Contest! To quote from the rules:

In order to be considered, your submission must satisfy the following criteria:
  • The primary blaster being modded must be an official Nerf product.
  • The blaster must have a 2013 Release date (official list TBA. If you're not sure, feel free to ask)
  • You must complete a full write-up of your mod with detailed build instructions and photographs of the process. Every step required must be documented. 
  • The write-up must be reproducible. All parts and materials must be widely available and tools used must be common to most nerfers.
  • The write-up must be easily understood by new nerfers. Do not assume that the reader knows what you're talking about. Your writing must be accessible to people who are new to this site. 
  • You must post the write-up between the time of this writing and midnight on May 31st, EST. If you already posted a mod that applies before the beginning of this contest, you can't re-post the same mod. You can build on an existing mod and improve on the write-up.

There will be prizes. Click the link and read the rules. I encourage everyone to try!

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