February 20, 2013

X-Shot Xcess Blasters Coming Stateside?

Among other things I've spotted online was this entry on the Toys R US website. Quote:
Go loco and create absolute mayhem, blasting a spray of darts everywhere with the X-Shot XCESS's insanely huge, 12-dart capacity, double trouble, rotating barrels!!!

Assuming they ever have them in stock, this means the long-hyped double turret revolver will finally be widely available in the US. $30 for a pair seems a tad high, but considering you'd be paying more than that for the two Mavericks needed to make one on your own, it could be worse.

Of course, the Nerf Strongarm outclasses all other off-brand revolvers at the moment, but as far as sheer capacity is concerned, this blaster is at least worth a look when I get a hold of one.


  1. Spotted this at my local TRU in airzone trim. Two pack for 30$.

  2. Not sure how relevant this is four months later but I decided to pick one of these sets up for myself and my girlfriend. Two days in and the blaster has been performing wonderfully, matching an old stock yellow Maverick blow for blow on range and power. The Xcess darts are shorter than Nerf darts, so they sit deeper in the cylinder. I've tried both Elite series streamline darts and some whistler darts from my old Spectre REV-5 and both perform wonderfully, but have to be pushed all the way in or they'll catch and keep the cylinder from rotating when primed and thus jam.

    Ranges on the stock Xcess darts, Elite streamlines and N-Strike whistlers all averaged about a 30 ft minimum firing level from the ground, with the whistlers and streamlines exceeding but running out of room in my hallway. The discs fire simultaneously with the darts but are laughably terrible, even compared to dollar store foam disc blasters. They bank horribly in either direction and can barely make 15 feet. Even after priming, the cylinders can be pushed out of the way so that only the disc fires.

    So far the blaster seems to beat out an unmodified maverick, pretty much hands down on both dart capacity and range. Even with the second cylinder, it's only slightly larger than a Mav. Since the cylinder turns on priming, like the Spectre and Strongarm, jam prevention with standard Nerf rounds seems to come down to making sure they're pushed all the way in. I plan to pick up more whistler rounds so my targets can hear their impending doom coming, as they fire harder, and are louder as a result, than from my old worn out Spectre.