February 12, 2013

Iron Man 3 ARC FX Gauntlet Review

I found this disc launcher at Target for $20, which is at least somewhat reasonable (the Captain America Disc Launching Shield retailed for the same price). Always remember to check any line of toys made by Hasbro - Nerfy things aren't always in the Nerf section! More after the jump.

The ARC FX Gauntlet Comes in a few pieces you snap together, plus 10 discs measuring about 2" in diameter. They're flat foam, not Vortex, but they're thick enough to take some abuse and fly farther than 5 feet away.

For a better idea of size, here's all ten discs, with one on top of a standard playing card.

 To load the Gauntlet, you flip up the center ring and insert 5 discs. Simple as that. You'll have to carry the other 5 in a pocket or something.

 I have small to medium-sized arms, and it was slightly big on me. There's plenty of room and strap to accommodate larger appendages.

A peek at the inside. you can see the arm in the middle that pushes the discs forward. The black piece on the right is the flywheel.

 This blaster takes 3 AA batteries, and performs as advertised on the box. There's also plenty of room for replacing the stock battery tray with a 9V battery.

Finally, here's a video demo in my hallway. From where I'm standing to the bookcase, it's about 20 ft. Without really aiming, the accuracy seems decent.

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