February 8, 2013

2013 Releases

Been a rough couple weeks with school. But I'm here to identify some internet discoveries!

First, as first indicated by iSoaker on Waterwar.net and then spread on sites like Basicnerf, Buzz Bee Toys has updated its web site for Spring 2013 releases in both Water Warriors and Air Warriors. Interesting things like the Tek 5 Revolver are coming out. There's been some speculation that Buzz Bee is going downhill in blaster design after great products like the Panther and Range Master; I'm of the opinion that we haven't seen everything yet :)

More after the jump!

Kmart, of all places, had THIS on their website - it appears to have a slide at the top, and legit darts. It's also $10, so if you want something more unique than a Maverick or Strongarm, this is your blaster. No word on internals yet.

Finally, we come to new entries on the ToysRUs website. Three noteworthy Air Zone blasters have appeared. The first is a ball shooter originally made by Prime Time Toys, while the second is the rebranded Lanard Rotator X-8 Revolver. No picture for the rebranded blaster is available, but you can see the review for the original over at Nerf Mods and Reviews.

Finally, a BIG ONE - also a reason why I said not to doubt Buzz Bee. This appears to be a redesigned Hunter, with a top-loading breech and pump action. I can't tell if the plunger tube is still below the barrel in the traditional Buzz Bee rifle layout, or placed in the area behind the breech, but the design itself shows promise for modders. I imagine this will be a fun one even as a stock blaster, and I can only imagine what people will turn it into.
That's all for now; I'll keep a lookout for any new stuff!

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