February 15, 2013

Toy Story Woody's Blaster Review

I found this blaster earlier in the week while thrifting - it was only available at Disney Stores (for $20) or for higher online. I took the opportunity to grab one for cheap, as few people have really played with these things, let alone tore them apart.

It's interesting, if only for the novelty factor. In the end, though, it's just a mediocre pistol. More after the jump.

Upon opening up, we find that internally, it is functionally identical to the Lanard Rotator X-8 (see Jerm's review HERE). You pull the knob to prime, push it back in to disengage the trigger lock, and fire. at the end of the trigger stroke, a revolver-type rotation mech turns the turret.

There's not much to look at - the plunger system looks too fragile to upgrade the spring without replacing at least a couple parts. Although it could certainly be done. Rebarreling would help, though.

There is an issue with darts, however. Just as with the Rotator X-8, this originally comes with shorter darts than the norm - normal streamlines or suction cup darts simply don't fit, and you can't change that because doing so would remove the front placeholder for the turret. Of course, you could just use stefans.

Ranges are the same as the X-8; Elite Darts inserted singly get about 30 ft. It's certainly not a great blaster, but I've seen worse. At least my Woody fits into my pocket *snort*, and can at least be a decent silly blaster or secondary. But for $20 retail, and possibly higher, I can't justify buying it in the first place.

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