February 18, 2013

Retro Review: Nerf Razor Fin

In our first Retro Review of the year, we're looking back to 1997, when the Max Force 2112 line was still in full gear. That year saw the release of the Razor Fin, a descendant of sorts to the Sharpshooter II with its ability to hold and fire two darts in succession. The unique development in this blaster was the priming and firing mechanism; the plunger was contained in the handle, and the trigger was mounted on the handle (or rather, behind it). If the Triple Torch is the forefather of the Nerf Jolt, then the Razor Fin is the grandfather of the newly released Triad.

You can see the relatively large priming handle, as well as the sizable grip; users of any size can handle the blaster with comfort. The trigger level is a bit awkward, since you're using your palm to push it down, but with use it becomes second nature. Also notice that the fins rise up when you hold the trigger down, but before you push it all the way in.

Upon opening the shell, you can see the little pieces that  make this work. There is a normal catch for the plunger rod, and two tubes go from the end of the plunger tube to the barrels.

The most interesting part is the action at the top of the blaster - in addition to popping up the fins, the trigger also activates a ratchet of sorts. The "gear" that it turns is a plastic disc with holes on the inside - when it turns, a different barrel is connected to the plunger. This is how the blaster only fires one dart at a time.

There have been several mods already documented, including a singled minimization and a simple CPVC barrel replacement. Regardless of the direction you go in modifying a Razor Fin, you can expect to get at least 50' flat ranges. Unless, of course, you decide to forget about barrel selection and fire both at once. In that case, I'd like to hear about your results! :)


  1. With those fins it can make a good borderlands styled blaster!

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  3. Do you know where to get replacement darts for this

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