February 24, 2014

Toys R US - What The Hell?

After looking through the newest entries into the Air Zone line, I have to say I'm generally unimpressed. There are a few gems - the Xtreme Dart Bow and Xtreme Darts, for example - but the general trend seems to be toward the relabeling of inferior products. For example, the Pump Rockets are a rebranded Ja-Ru toy. Yes, the company which makes the cheap plastic toys at your dollar and discount stores is now making official TRU toys. They also make the pop rockets - the nose compresses on impact, forces air into a sheet of paper, and rips through it to make the popping sound. That is, if the rocket doesn't break on the first throw.
$5 well spent! ....not.
The fins aren't that sturdy. Trust me.
That's just the start of it. Go past the jump for more.
Stomp Rockets now take up space where blasters once stood.
Totally the start of a new bromance.
Wait, didn't the other ones go 40' high?
More novelties have appeared on shelves - I remember things like the copter toy from being a little kid. Fun, but really cheap.
At least it has a trigger?
Let 'er rip!
Finally, the actual blasters being introduced in this line are all tiny, or crappy and overpriced. The Xshot rebrand packs a punch, as does the bow. But rebranding the abysmal pull and release paintball blasters? Come on!
Awww, so cute!
Works as advertised.
Shit, not one of these things again. By the way, that's 110 pieces of ammo. The range is "up to 50 feet".
If anything, TRU seems to be trending away from the blasters we're used to, and more toward little kids' toys. If people are buying those, then it makes business sense to shift the product line that way. But it's really disappointing to the average Nerfer who remembers seeing Triple Shots and other blasters on the shelf.


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