February 12, 2014

Obscenely Oversized Off-brand Update!

Ok guys, thanks to various website updates, in-store sightings, and a bit of research, I'm making a large post covering air and water blasters that will be making their appearance this year.

Buzz Bee Toys

  • Air Warriors Flying Toys

Stunt Darts
  • Launch stunt darts 20-30 feet in the air
  • Includes launch blaster and three stunt darts
  • Three different flight patterns
  • Crazy corkscrew spins
  • Loops & spins
  • Wild Stunt maneuvers
  • Great indoors and outdoors

Falcon Foam Glider ("Falcon" has been trademarked a few years. It finally surfaces!)
  • Foam glider flies up to 60 feet
  • Easy pull back launcher
  • Adjustable flight patterns
  • Two assorted styles

  • Air Warriors
Splash Darts
  • Load darts with water, load into blaster and splash your target
  • Includes 12 splash darts
  • Works with most Air Warriors' dart blasters

  • Water Warriors 
  • Dual chamber system allows for maximum water blasting
  • Air pressure performance lets you blast water up to 40 feet
  • 2 powerful adjustable nozzles
  • Holds up to 30 oz. of water
  • Weighs about 4 lbs. when filled


Swimways is a relatively widespread brand with products like the Toypedo and various other pool items. Now they have several water blasters - many of which appear to use old blaster molds. However, they appear to have either pinch triggers, or some sort of alternative valve mechanism (for the pressurized blasters). The following were spotted at Target!

A shell similar to that of the Super Soaker CPS 2100.

A close copy of the Water Warriors Xenon.

A copy of the Water Warriors Argon.

Reshells of one of the original Water Warriors Kwik Grips XL.

I don't have a picture, but there was also a piston blaster virtually identical to the Water Warriors Avenger.

Zuru Xshot

Please note that Xshot blasters come in many color schemes! I'll just highlight a few significant products.

Xshot Excel Scope

Xshot Micro/Mini Dart Blaster, Girl Edition
  • Smallest blaster on the market (bar the Tek 3), but with great performance.

Xshot Artemis Bow Blaster
  • Girl edition of the Stalker Bow

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