February 4, 2014

Giant ToysRUs.com Discounts - $11 Magnus, Air Zone, and More!

Thought I'd list some of the great deals TRU has online (valid as of this post, at least). All of them will be listed below, with links to their respective pages!
Feeling lucky, punk?
  1. Nerf N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus, $11.19
  2. Air Zone Quickfire 12 Blaster, $11.24
  3. Air Zone Xtreme Dart Bow, $4.79 (I just reviewed this!)
  4. Air Zone Xtreme Dart 100 pack refill, $14.99 (Off-brand streamline, if you feel like testing them out)
  5. Air Zone Quickfire Eaglet Impact X, $10.79 (Reverse plunger, but with strong spring)
  6. Air Zone Splatterz Stryker Paintball System: Single, $10.79. Double, $20.99. (Questionable blasters, but discounted enough to warrant buying one for science)
  7. Air Zone Dual Double Xcess Twin Pack, $22.49
  8. Air Zone Rotator X-8, $7.79
  9. Air Zone Double Barrel Blaster, $8.99


  1. Nice. Gonna check out TRU. Was gonna get this from Kmart for 15. Thanks for the save.

  2. Nope still 15.99 on their site...