February 23, 2014

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Shooters!

In the process of checking blaster websites for updates, I ran across this slide on Marshmallow Fun Company's website.

Well, if that isn't a product branding that makes sense, then I don't know what is. Turns out this year is the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie. So I'd expect other promotional toys to appear on shelves.

Anyway, further research led to this article from the Dallas Morning News.
Marshmallow Fun co-founder Beaver Raymond will be selling the Ghostbusters toys to retailers next week at the annual Toy Fair in New York. The Ghostbusters license has big potential for sales outside the U.S. because American movies, and this one in particular, are often big hits overseas.

Raymond said he’s already heard from retailers in the U.K. and Dubai. But not all cultures have marshmallows on their store shelves. At some point, he will have to overcome that issue, so he’s working on another form of soft ammo... 
...Raymond has more products in the works, including new animal character blasters. When you pull the critter’s tail, marshmallows shoot out. The first one is a beaver, and an alligator and a donkey are next.
Animal blasters? Non-sugary ammo? In a later, related article over at PRWeb, we get this bit of information:
The animal shooters will feature interchangeable ammo types, a first for the company.

The first animal shooter released will be the Beaver Blaster. When you pull back the on its tail, you spring load a small foam ball or marshmallow. After releasing the tail, you can launch the object up to 30 feet. Marshmallow Fun has a lot more exciting critters coming soon.

Small foam balls are going to become an option? Sounds like a good thing to me. The animal blasters might be more gimmicky than the NIC would like, but it's nice to see something really new coming from these guys.

Finally, we once again have an extremely relevant xkcd.

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  1. I want my beaver to shoot balls 100ft! Laughed so much I nearly fell off my chair. Genius