February 22, 2014

Test-Firing the Modded Nerf Centurion

Just thought I'd give an update on an earlier post about the new plunger tube I made for my Centurion. I went ahead and took a video to show it works (I used the Spy Gear Panosphere 360 again, so I could test how well I could shop the video for best results).

I'm finding that with the new ~100% plunger seal, the Mega Darts do fly more erratically than usual. My homemade 3/4" stefans, however, fire just fine - I made some at similar dimensions to stock darts, but with more weight in the front. I really couldn't use those in this video, though. Since I'm still tweaking my video editing skills, I opted to use the more visible red color of the stock darts. I'll have official ranges soon. But when the darts fly straight, I'm hitting the basement wall ~50' away with minimal drop. So all signs are good!

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