October 3, 2013

Inventory Updates: $10 Huntsman Boomstick, and a 360° Camera!

Well, first things first: another Lanard Huntsman blaster has been spotted on shelves! More importantly, it's far cheaper than online prices have reflected thus far.
Most online prices for this have been $16-$20, not including shipping.
This was at Dollar General, of all places. There seems to be an online inflation trend with Lanard blasters, considering that we've seen the Swiftstrike Crossbow at Walmart for $10, but for $20 online. Seems that we'll just have to track these blasters down if we want the best prices possible!
I also spotted a neat toy sniper rifle at DG, that features a removable clip, shells, and a bolt-action mechanism with a large draw. Possible conversion, anyone?
Looks good, too!
Finally, spotted at Target: a new spy cam. More specifically, a 360° camera!
At the seemingly standard price for Spy Gear optics and cameras.
While I have yet to see reviews on this product (will research and edit this post later), I could certainly think of many ways for this to be used. Mounted on a blaster for a unique perspective, or on the target in Defend the Core, or so many other places. Hopefully, this works as well as advertised on the box!


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