October 18, 2013

Combat Creatures - More R/C Goodness Coming this Fall!

While checking out Target for new toys, I came across a relatively new toy line, at least in the US. R/C attack spiders!
Ok, so not eight legs. But Attack Insects doesn't sound as cool!

The Combat Creatures Attacknids will be available at TRU, Target, and various online sources like Thinkgeek. The promotional ad, courtesy of Youtube (notice the kids firing back with Launch n Attack blasters! haha):
More info down below!
These toys are roughly a year old, with the Attacknid Drone being released in the UK in 2012. However, this year's lineup improves on the original design. Depending on the modules on hand, you can shoot discs, darts, or even miniature ping pong ball-like projectiles. These pictures were found online on Ebay.
There are also going to be refill packs for the ammunition, as well as accessories like spare turrets and extended disc magazines.
I'm interested in seeing the exact size of the ammunition - the range claims seem high, especially for the fat discs.


  1. I have heard a rumour that these will also be released under the NERF brand at some point. I recently got word of a licensing agreement between the guys that produce these and Hasbro. You can read more about it on the UK Nerf blog although at this stage, it is just a rumour but from a credible source.

    Cool eh?

    1. That is cool! We'll see if that rumor pans out, then :)

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