October 2, 2013

X-Shot Zombie Edition Blasters!

I stopped in Family Dollar today, to see if there were any oddities in stock. After all, it's far from being a Walmart or ToysRUs, but the low price point mean that it tends to get off-brand blasters. Turns out Nerf isn't the only brand venturing into undead territory.
Interestingly, the original Vigilante claimed 65 ft. ranges.
Zuru's X-Shot line has a cartoonish take on the zombie apocalypse, as you can see on the packaging. The Vigilante is marked up to $20 for some reason (I've seen it for $10-$14 elsewhere). Meanwhile, the Dual Double Pack is still $10.
Same range claims for these blasters, though.
This edition isn't advertised on the X-Shot website, so this is definitely a new promotion. No word yet on whether other X-Shot blasters get the same treatment.

Note that the only visible difference on the blasters themselves is the replacement of the "X" stickers with zombies. If you already have these, I personally see no reason to pick up new ones just for that.

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