October 16, 2013

Target Reveals New Super Soaker Lineup

Sightings of next year's Super Soaker blasters have popped up here and there, but Target has posted early listings online!
Complete with prices!

Pics of the box art after the jump!
First, the Tri Strike Crossbow. You can fold up the arms and fire one stream, or extend the arms and fire three. In either case, this blaster keeps with the current trend of being piston-based. Yep, we're still pumping water out the nozzle instead of utilizing any kind of air or pressure chamber, not to mention an actual trigger.
And the rest of the lot:
^Batteries required for this one.
^At least some of this year's blasters have large reservoirs.

As you can see, Hasbro is unlikely to change their current trend of underpowered water blasters. Hopefully we'll see the Buzz Bee Water Warriors lineup soon and *cross fingers* have good, old-fashioned soakers that actually perform well.

I'll at least give props for the new color scheme. I like it.

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  1. Local Kmart has generic brand air pressure powered water guns for $5, dunno why Hasbro can't