March 8, 2014

Wow! Stuff "Combat Creatures" Attacknid Review

One of the coolest toys to emerge over the past few years has been the Combat Creatures Attacknid. Invented by Jaimie Mantzel and further developed by Wow! Stuff, it has just this year been licensed by Hasbro as a new addition to the Nerf line this fall. For this review, I used one of the current models - the Target Edition Doom Razor.
I really hope you're name isn't John Connor.

For my field test, I decided to use...a field. Hey, if I'm going to be at college, I might as well use the practice field when no one else is using it. Besides, I don't need a measuring tape here!

American Football. Now for cybernetic organisms.

The "Battle Brain" and toy launcher are both mounted on top of the robot's body. In turn, the turret holding the ammo also detaches for easy reloading. Or turret swapping, if you happen to have bought extras.


The leg armor is also detachable, and a stiff plastic armature on the backside acts as a spring. It's strong enough that when the leg armor is hit by a dart, the tab holding the leg in place will slip free, and the spring will pop the armor plating off.

Other options include nail polish and a pedicure.

The Attacknid R/C control set features several functions. Head turning, blaster elevation, forward and backward movement, and tight circles. And of course, revving up the flywheels to launch darts from the turret. By the way, one of the buttons acts as a secondary function trigger - for the Attacknid, it doesn't add more abilities, but instead allows more precise control for aiming your darts.

That was a lucky frame.

The Attacknid comes with darts made of yellow foam, with red tips. Here's a shot with one of them in flight. The main grouping is sitting at the ten yard line - 30 feet.

The first dart was kinda the runt of the litter. Everyone point and laugh!

When used with Nerf Elite darts, the grouping was nearer to the 15 yard line. So I'd say we can validate range claims of 45 feet for the Nerf Attacknid this fall. The difference was simply in the darts.

I gave that bitch Elite darts. Bitches love Elite darts!

Just thought I'd leave a GIF here of an Elite dart in flight. You know, because I can.

What other reason do you need?

After several hours of use, the toy was still going strong and launching darts at similar ranges as before. It's a lot of fun, and handles terrain decently enough (albeit at slow speeds). I can see one of these being used in Nerf wars or CTF games to guard objectives, corridors, or simply to surprise opponents. If only these things had motion sensors...I'm sure someone will make that a DIY project. In any case, these have my recommendation. Grab them while they're still $50 at Target, instead of the normal MSRP of $80.

The upcoming models have less personality to them, in my opinion.

A few notes on gameplay and operation!
  • There are two "On" modes, Training and Battle. Training allows for drone operation, while Battle mode is, well, for battling other Attacknids. In this mode, three hits to the faceplate of the Battle Brain will deactivate the Attacknid.
  • You have to sync the controller with your Attacknid. It's a simple process. Also, you can sync multiple robots to one controller, if you and your friends have the numbers needed for a swarm!
  • My model had a problem with the platform elevator - it was unable to lift the turret and flywheels from a flat level to about ten degrees. After being helped that far up, though, the elevator worked the rest of the way. This may simply be bad luck on my part.