March 16, 2014

Panosphere 360 Video Editing, and Testing a VMD Missile Striker

I've been experimenting with VirtualDub, a free program used for editing .avi files, which also accepts plugins for additional functions. Among other things, I've become fond of the plugin that corrects barrel distortion. Why? Because it makes it possible to use more footage from the Spy Gear Panosphere 360. Here's a sample!

The program that shipped with the Panosphere 360 only outputs an area of 320 x 240 pixels from the entire image. By editing the .avi file in VirtualDub, I've got video of reasonable quality at 720 x 576 pixels. Much better than before!

I'll continue experimenting with the video editing process to see how well I can correct the effects of a fisheye lens. Not that we always want to do that - in many cases, the view is much more interesting. But it's nice to know I can mount that camera on a blaster and have lots of options when documenting a review or a Nerf war.

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