March 11, 2014

Ignite No Ricochet Zombie Gel Target Review

I found this oddity in the Nerf aisle at Walmart the other day for $10. At first I thought nothing of it, but decided to make the purchase after seeing the box claim compatibility with Nerf and Buzz Bee Toys darts.

It turns out the board works really well for foam darts! More after the jump!
Ignite is better known for R/C toys, as well as airsoft gear. In fact, the first version of this gel target was meant for airsoft pellets.

The new version uses a much less serious color scheme and background. Can't scare away too many of the little kids and their blasters!

The target has an ammo tray, as well as an extendable plastic hanger, so the board can be placed on the wall as well as on a table or shelf. In my case, I just used a free nail in the wall that would normally be used for picture frames.

So, does the target work well with the leading dart brands?

I tested the target at various ranges, with all of the following:
  • Elite streamline darts
  • Elite MEGA darts
  • Nstrike suction cup darts
  • Nstrike whistler darts
  • Buzz Bee suction cups
  • Buzz Bee EXTREME darts
  • Air Zone/Prime Time Toys flat-head darts
  • Nerf Vortex discs
Only the Vortex discs failed to stick to the target. However, I didn't expect them to, considering they have totally different aerodynamics from foam darts. Also, darts tend to slowly tip over, despite the strong bond to the gel target (especially for heavy things like MEGA darts). Even then, though, you have plenty of time to see where you hit the target.

We'll have to see how long the target remains sticky, but there didn't appear to be any residue left on the darts. I've seen users of the airsoft version comment on using it it well over a year after purchase, so I have high hopes for this model.

If you're looking for a target for some reason, this works very well!

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