March 4, 2014

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Stunt Darts Review

I found one of Buzz Bee's latest products at Kmart for $6. The "Stunt Darts with Launch Blaster" is a fun toy aimed at younger kids, with winged darts made for doing loops and other maneuvers after launch. Turns out the blaster also packs a decent punch.

The package comes with three different darts/gliders, each with a different fin configuration. The smallest does corkscrews, the largest does loops, and the third does more random things. The blaster itself is very straightforward. You prime it by the handle/belt hoop about an inch, and pull the trigger to fire. The barrel has slots in the sides acting as guides for the dart fins. This doesn't affect stock performance, since Buzz Bee almost always routes the air from a blaster's chamber up through the dart peg.

Open up the blaster, and we get a nice surprise! The plunger tube is actually about an inch wide, making this a lot more powerful then outside appearances would indicate. It is, after all, the size of a Tek 3, and those things are total junk.

The catch is mounted in the blaster like so.

In terms of performance, the darts do fly as indicated. I do wonder about the durability of the fins, though. For the competitive Nerfers out there, I did test the blaster with Elite darts! The blaster performs on par with the Nerf Jolt, if not a bit better. 45' - 50' flat is nothing to scoff at.

Personally, I'd recommend picking this up, especially if you have younger Nerfers in the family. It's entertaining, works as advertised, and is capable of serving as a decent single shot blaster. 


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