March 13, 2014

Water Warriors Charger - Not What We Expected, But That's OK

Thanks to Marauder over at, we have internal shots of a Buzz Bee Water Warriors Charger! Turns out it's just a smaller platform for the classic reservoir and pressure chamber setup.

In this post, Marauder also lists some stats for the blaster, as measured by testing.

- 18.5 x 2.5 x 8.5 cm
- 4.2" pump stroke
- 15mL (0.5oz) per pump
- ~9 pumps for full pressure
- (Calculates to 135 mL PC capacity)
- 1/4" OD tubing (not sure where; might just be the pink tubing)
- Pump ID/seal OD: 15mm
- Check valves: 1/2" OD (12.7mm), connected by 8mm pipe
- Range: 38' with wind. (Expects at least 40' with no wind.)
- Nozzles: 1.8mm, quad burst. (Only 2 nozzles?)
- Reservoir capacity: 29oz (858mL)
- PC capacity: 5oz (148mL)

It still appears to be a great design, with plenty of power behind it. It holds less than a WW Python 2 in the reservoir, but with less pumping needed before firing, should hold its own. Now that we have an idea of pressure chamber dimensions, though, I'm interested in seeing how well this would shoot a Nerf dart :)

So that patent I speculated about earlier will just have to wait a while before being part of a new Buzz Bee product. But at least this wasn't a disappointment!

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