August 4, 2013

Weddings and Weapons!

Hey guys! I'm back from a weekend in Michigan at a friend's wedding. During the long drives, however, I stopped to check the local Nerf supplies, and was nicely surprised! Target mistakes for the win!
See more after the jump!

In addition to snagging a lone Revonix 360 off the shelf (note that it had already been taken out of the packaging and loaded with discs, so someone had played with it already, presumably a store employee), there were several other finds, not all of which I bought.

First, a Walmart in Toledo, Ohio had lots of Stockades on the shelves!

Also in Toledo, I saw actual Extreme Dart refills for the new Buzz Bee air blasters at a Kmart. Although I've only seen the new package version of the Range Master; no Air Max blasters seen yet :(

At the same Detroit Metro area Target I found the Revonix at, there were 3rd generation Xploderz blasters on the shelves. See if you can spot all the differences between the two versions!

One Walmart in Upper Sandusky, OH had some of the new JT Splatmaster z90 paintball pistols. I already had one with me from a previous purchase, though. It got dissected over the weekend.

Finally, another Detroit area Target had both Blazin Bows and Zombie Strike Hammershots (the latter not pictured). The bow has been Nerfed compared to previous bows, sadly, but it appears easy to fix ;)

Lots of updates coming in the future!


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