August 15, 2013

Toys R Us - X-Shot Vigilante repaint and Buzz Bee Hawk update!

I have a large number of posts to make - had less work this week, and found/modded SO MANY THINGS. But I'll start with a little update, as seen on TRU's website.
The Air Zone Quickfire Eaglet Impact X (a mouthful, isn't it?) appears to be a remodeled Buzz Bee Hawk, with a more milisim-style shell. I actually like this better than the Hawk, but I doubt there will be any kind of performance increase.

Meanwhile, the Air Zone Vigilante is also up, but without an image. Based on the price, however, it would be safe to assume it's a repaint of the X-Shot Vigilante, which hasn't really been seen stateside.


  1. The vigilante is grey, and less appealing than the green. I'm impressed with the internals, and the main shell seems to be decent plastic. I might splice shells with other blasters to make a bolt action sniper rifle with a panther tank. Another interesting note is that the plunger head has a custom bumper on it, and it has no air restrictors. I blame the short ranges on a short draw, combined with a poor seal to the barrels. The sping has pre-load as well, so it's loud and clangy.

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