August 23, 2013

Air Zone Quickfire Eaglet Impact X - First Look!

I grabbed one of these blasters on the way home from college yesterday, expecting a stylish Buzz Bee Hawk re-shell. When I took everything out of the box, however, it became clear that my assumption was false.

First, the shell has "Prime Time Toys" molded into the shell, so a completely different company is making this blaster for TRU. The shells are a much different design than Buzz Bee's typical shells. And, as you can tell by looking into the magazine well, there isn't any kind of tubing going from the front of the blaster to the air outlet. So it's not using the Buzz Bee setup I expected, either.

The blaster shoots decently, although I have yet to do real range tests. I did, however, open it up. The internals are...workable.

That is, in fact, a reverse plunger similar in fashion to the Nerf Recon and other Nstrike blasters. If anything, this setup at least leaves the entire bottom of the shell open for internal replacements, should I decide to convert to a normal plunger.

While I'm at it, let's share the rest of the new Air Zone crop - which is pretty rotten, to be honest.

All three are existing Lanard designs, and for the average Nerfer are products from which you should steer clear. The Over Under is a slamfire-only blaster, without a trigger and with bad ranges. The ball blaster works, but isn't worth anything other than for messing around. The disc shooter is rapid-fire (possibly good as a gift for younger kids), but is abysmal in performance.


  1. I bought the blaster and I've been happy with the way it shoots. My chief complaints are the small mag (it only holds 4 darts) and the fact that it only came with 4 shells. Do you know where I can find a larger mag, or at least more shells? I've been looking all over the internet and can't seem to find either.

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