August 7, 2013

Huntsman 50 Spotted Online at Kmart

I've been keeping an eye out for this Lanard series of blasters - many popped up on Meijer's website, but have since disappeared. Now, however, the blaster line is on Kmart's website, including a complete sniper rifle with 50 ft. ranges.

It appears the only difference between this and the Commando is the barrel extension. In any case, the design is excellent, and we'll see if the internals are worth it at some point this fall :)


  1. Saw them at Kmart Hyannis, Massachusetts (Cape Cod). Toying getting one for cosplay.

  2. It was a pleasure working on this gun and brand line! Your reviews are always in-depth, which gives us ammo to create the best products we can for you and the community!

  3. So you're saying you helped make this?