August 22, 2013

New Xploderz Blasters!

Just thought I'd highlight a few of the 3rd generation Xploderz blasters that I've seen. Firstly, ToysRUs has two exclusives - basic blasters with boy and girl themes. They're named the Punisher and Huntress, respectively. They retail for $19.99

Next, we have what appears to be the top blaster of this generation - the Sneak Attack.
For those of you interested, it's the exact same concept as the Nerf Sneak Shot - you use a plastic mirror to aim the blaster around a corner when you have it at a 90 degree angle. There isn't really a way to lock the position, aside from the plastic clip for locking into the normal, straight firing position.

In any case, seeing that this has the highest range claim of any Xploderz product, I bet someone with good modding skills could add a trigger and make this a beast of a blaster. It retails for $34.99


  1. The Xploderz line is so horrible. Pullback blasters are so boring to play with. And it's dumb because the company that makes these blasters, (Maya group) have another line of these water ball blasters aimed at older kids that use triggers and are less terrible.

    1. Technically speaking, there are different regulations for the Blaster Pro line - blasters firing ammo that size and speed are considered sports equipment just like airsoft guns (don't quote me on this). Thus why in Walmart or most other stores, the Blaster Pro line is in the Sporting Goods section. Not having a trigger allows this rule to be avoided (in the same manner that a gun is legally defined as the receiver).