January 14, 2014

New Marvel Blasters Spotted - Hawkeye Longshot Bow and Iron Man Gauntlet

First things first, Josh over at Bay Area Nerf found the much-speculated Hawkeye Longshot Bow at Toys R Us for $15. While it's an aesthetically pleasing blaster, it's essentially another Jolt, but with enough plastic and branding to triple the price of a Jolt. Unless you REALLY want it, or have a great idea for improving it, I'd personally avoid it.
At least it's pretty...
I, meanwhile, found the Iron Man Flip & Fire Gauntlet at Target for $13. It's another gimmick of a blaster - with the exception of the priming method (fold the blaster closed to prime, then unfold and press the button on top to fire), it appears to be a miniature Strongarm. The original one, mind you, not the N-Strike Elite revolver. I grabbed it for science, but I have low expectations.
Looks like a lobster.
Sadly, unless the modding community makes something of these blasters, they're not worth buying. Hasbro, why do you have to make such crappy blasters when it comes to movie-themed toys???

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