January 14, 2014

New Marvel Blasters Spotted - Hawkeye Longshot Bow and Iron Man Gauntlet

First things first, Josh over at Bay Area Nerf found the much-speculated Hawkeye Longshot Bow at Toys R Us for $15. While it's an aesthetically pleasing blaster, it's essentially another Jolt, but with enough plastic and branding to triple the price of a Jolt. Unless you REALLY want it, or have a great idea for improving it, I'd personally avoid it.
At least it's pretty...
I, meanwhile, found the Iron Man Flip & Fire Gauntlet at Target for $13. It's another gimmick of a blaster - with the exception of the priming method (fold the blaster closed to prime, then unfold and press the button on top to fire), it appears to be a miniature Strongarm. The original one, mind you, not the N-Strike Elite revolver. I grabbed it for science, but I have low expectations.
Looks like a lobster.
Sadly, unless the modding community makes something of these blasters, they're not worth buying. Hasbro, why do you have to make such crappy blasters when it comes to movie-themed toys???


  1. I think these type of blasters toys are not at all healthy for small minds who doesn't know what is good and what is bad for them. These toys need parents assistance too.

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