January 29, 2014

California Considers Toy Gun Legislation

As far as I can tell, this legislation would have no effect on Nerf, as the toys are already either in bright colors or transparent. But it's still worth noting considering the area of concern.
Picture from a protest rally last year, courtesy Al-Jazeera America

To quote one article:
"Law enforcement officers have extreme difficulty — extreme difficulty — in distinguishing between the real thing and what is fake ... especially when officers must make a split-second decision in a very dangerous situation," de Leon said.
He added later, "This is about saving lives."
More than 200 such shootings occur each year across the country, he said, citing a 1990 U.S. Department of Justice study.
Several Republicans objected that the bill could endanger police officers because some real guns are now manufactured in different colors to appeal to consumers including children.
Smith & Wesson, for instance, makes several handguns with pink hand grips to appeal to women.
 What do you guys think about all of this?


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  2. I don't know, Granted kids carry fake guns, heck so do adults but Airsoft/some BB guns don't look fake at all and this goes a little tooo far for the reactionary versus decision making crowds.