January 31, 2014

New Air Zone Products, and a 2nd Gen UFO Attack Blaster

I stopped at TRU on the way home from class today, and happened across several new items in the dart blaster aisle. For example, $30 gets you a Dual Double and Xcess Twin Pack! All decent pistols, and a good price for the lot.
Forget about the foam rings. Use those for turret seals modding other blasters.

Next is the newest Jolt-type blaster, manufactured by Prime Time Toys. The Xtreme Dart Bow claims 70 ft. ranges, and I grabbed one with a gift card for $8... for science.

Complete with XTREME DARTS, no less!

Zuru has their smallest blaster, the Micro X Shot, listed online. $4, but it claims the standard 65 ft. ranges that many Zuru products boast. If I see one in store, I may grab it for testing.
Hey, Kay, nah nah. Come on, man, you get a Series Four De-atomizer and I get a little midget cricket? 

There were a few Air Zone stomp rockets, nothing that would normally be used for Nerf. But I'll mention them anyway; some people have little kids that could have fun with these toys.
Obviously a bonding moment for dudes everywhere.

Finally, the newest in DeeBee's UFO Blaster line, the UFO Destroyer.

UFOs are serious business.
This time, it appears we have an 8-shot, manual prime blaster, and the batteries are simply for spinning up the UFO's tiny propeller. It's certainly a different look than the last series, but it was $25 at TRU. Note that the web address on the box redirects you to the home page for their EYESPY line of toys. So we'll have to watch in stores for any other similar products for the moment.

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  1. Nice find, amidst all the Nerf hype it's nice to see some off brand action! It's a shame they are repaints in some cases. The micro X shot can be made into a mini nite finder, with a spring mod and shock cord banding it's surprisingly powerful.