June 9, 2013

New Buzz Bee Spotted in Thailand!

Credits to the guys at the NerfSG Facebook page for the news. It appears that, contrary to low opinions after the release of the Tek 5, Buzz Bee is releasing more awesome designs. Looks like the Panther won't be alone in reviving air gun use within the NIC.

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The Air Max 6 would appear to be the new Airtech 3000, in terms of design - I assume Buzz Bee is still using their successful backpressure designs, as they did in the Panther and Range Master. In fact, looking on the box, the Range Master could be released in a new version - it was never listed as "Extreme" on the back of previous blaster packages, as seen below.

There's also a ten shot version!

Finally, there's another flywheel blaster, replacing the Tommy 20's turret with an extra long, 20 dart clip. Since it uses only 3 AA batteries, that's nowhere near enough juice for a direct plunger. In any case, it looks cool.

These have all been spotted in Thailand; I can't wait to see them arrive stateside!

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