June 23, 2013

Mega Centurion Internals Revealed!

Thanks to Nerfhaven Admin/Ambassador Langley, we now have pics of the inside of the Mega Centurion. And it is.....a reverse plunger. A really big one, though.
Follow the link above to see the Nerfhaven thread and full discussion; I don't figure it's useful for me to repost all the pictures when you can just go read the thread.

Want my thoughts? Read on.

I can certainly appreciate the addition of a new kind of blaster; I myself have loads of oddly sized stefans, including 3/4" foam ones that could potentially go into this blaster. Unless you're like me, of course, darts for this will probably be hard to find. In a way, this is similar to the Vortex blasters - the nonstandard ammo could limit its usefulness, at least in stock form.

Modifications? With the oversized bolt, making this blaster accept standard darts and/or stefans will take some creativity. Given the slits in the plunger tube for limiting power, the overall usefulness may be extremely limited unless homemade internals are thrown inside. Even then, there will be issues with safety. The farthest I see any blaster shoot before being banned at a war is 120', and even that number is rare to see. This blaster could never be modified to its full potential for use in a Nerf war. The user would have to Nerf it in some way (no pun intended), such as a barrel that is too short or too long. $50 for a blaster like that seems off-putting to me, especially when homemades shooting 100'+ can be made on the cheap.

Even so, I'll probably buy one. I'm simply too curious; I'll have to experiment and see what all can be done to the internals without major overhauls. Who knows, maybe we can convert it to hold two regular clips side by side, and fire two darts at a time!

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