April 9, 2013

Join Me in Guncraft!

I've been absorbed into this game lately, so I thought I'd give it a plug. I'm not part of the team making or anything, so I'm not making anything on this post. But it's fun, and considering the shooting + building aspects might interest fellow Nerfers....
Guncraft is literally what it sounds like: Minecaft with guns. Deathmatch, TDM, Capture the Flag, and other game modes, plus a level editor for building new fields of battle that can be shared online. Unless specifically designated as invincible, all parts of the environment are destructible. Building, whether block by block or with prefabricated buildings, can have a huge impact on gameplay, especially in team modes. Instead of a few classes to choose from (looking at you, Ace of Spades), there is a Call of Duty style of customization for choosing guns, tools, kill streaks, etc.

I'm also Buffdaddy in-game. Mind you, it's currently in open beta, which closes at the end of April. To remain in the closed beta, you have to preorder the game. It's only $15, and it's worth it!

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