June 16, 2013

Store Finds: June 16th, 2013

This post is just to highlight some things I've seen pop up in stores recently. First, browsing Toys R Us~

This slingshot has a orange plastic piece following a track, with a spring on the inside (slingshot part does nothing). It's actually quite a stiff spring.

Several Air Zone items are marked down, including the creatively named Foam Dart Shooter and the Panther (back down to $5! get them while they last).

The Launch 'N Attack series is also marked down, roughly by 50%. They're pretty reliable, so if you want something with decent performance and a different look, grab them.

Finally, a look at Dunham's Sports revealed all of the JT Splatmaster entry-level paintball markers in stock. They're pricey, but once fall comes and clearance prices pop up, I'll grab some. They're already made for 1/2" ammo, so shooting darts is an easy conversion. Plus, the springs are beast.

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