November 2, 2013

Update on Upcoming Marvel Blasters

We've already seen previews on various blogs about the upcoming Hawkeye Bow and Captain America Stealthfire Shield (which promises Elite blaster ranges).
Because what Nerf fan wouldn't buy awesome stuff like this?

Now, thanks to Graphic Policy, an online comic news site, and Entertainment Earth, we can confirm two more blasters!

First, we have the Iron Man Flip & Fire Gauntlet. Right now, these are the only pictures I can find, but it is listed for $16.99, and is due to be available this month. Reminds you of the classic Nerf Strongarm, doesn't it?

Coming out next spring is The Amazing Spiderman 2 Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster. It's essentially a reshelled Iron Man 3 A.R.C. FX Gauntlet, and will be $19.99.

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