November 30, 2013

DIY Blaster Initiative Update: First Blaster Project Complete!

After building several prototypes, I an happy to announce the final model of the first DIY Air Blaster. What the hell, let's just call it the DIY-1, shall we?
DIY-1: Test Platform Edition.
The DIY-1 is derived from earlier homemade designs like the PVAT and FOMAS 2.0, using a pin valve design for the air tank. I have simplified construction as much as possible, to the point where the only tool you would need is a hammer (for forcing parts together, whether for a friction fit or for solvent welding) and a drill for the hole in the rear. Even that isn't necessary, as the PVC end cap will be dropped in order to allow the trigger and stock to be easily attached.

Oh goody! Lots of tiny parts!

Using faucet washers, 3/16" diameter rod, and assorted parts, the valve design itself has been changed to allow placement in PVC fittings all the way down to a 1/2" tee, which provides flexibility for future variations of this design. The pressure gauge assembly will be replaced with a simple PVC bushing and a pressure relief valve, to ensure design safety. The dual action bike pump only needs 3 cycles to power darts 100'+ in the current design. However, following a few more modifications, it can be replaced with a homemade pump, a variation of which can be found HERE.

And they assemble so nicely...
I will be updating the Kickstarter page this weekend, and hope to have things set in motion by the end of next week. In the meantime, I'll be looking for the cheapest parts possible - buying individual parts off the shelf at the hardware store comes out to only $20, in spite of the pump and pressure relief valve. I think I can go a lot cheaper, though!

A suitable springer design is also in the works, so don't worry about there only being air blasters. In addition, since this is a DIY project, all instructions and related materials will be available for free online - I hope to merely provide an easy way to get all the necessary parts together for a low price.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Clever idea, will look at the kickstarter page. Does it take hoppers?

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